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Fit Body’s 99 Days of Summer Challenge: Our How-To Guide

Fit Body’s 99 Days of Summer Challenge: Our How-To Guide

It’s time to dig out your sunscreen, grab your beach towel, and join us at Camp Fit Body for the 99 Days of Summer Challenge! (Friendship bracelets not included but HIGHLY encouraged).
Summer isn’t always an easy time to stay on track but that’s why we’re committing to this challenge together! So get ready to move your body, make healthy choices, and join the Fit Body Community as you crush your workouts this summer! Plus, we promise plenty of surprises along the way 😉

WHAT: Fit Body’s 99 Days of Summer Challenge!
WHERE: Anywhere! Your workouts and nutrition support are in the Fit Body app but don’t forget to check in with the #FBGcommunity on insta and in the Facebook Group!
WHEN: 99 days of summer – June 1 to September 6
WHY: Get the support you need to start (or maintain) your healthy lifestyle!
HOW DO I RSVP: Send your starting transformation photos to Include your FBG insta handle and which program you’re following so we can help you stay accountable and keep track of your progress. We promise never to publish them without checking with you first! You can also just get started and connect with the #FBGcommunity on insta using #99DaysofSummer.


99 days of summer challenge calendar


We have 12 different guided programs in the app, each designed with specific fitness goals and abilities in mind. And now, with over 30 On Demand classes, you can also work out with our trainers in real time! 

No matter where you are this summer, take your Fit Body app with you so you don’t miss a beat! At home workouts are perfect for travel, and gym programs are waiting for you when you return if you have access! Hike, swim, bike, or just walk around your neighborhood for the perfect way to incorporate cardio and movement into your routine.

Schedule your workouts on your calendar like you would any other meeting. And then don’t cancel on yourself, no matter what comes up! The habit of scheduling your workouts (and not canceling) is a reminder that there is time in your day as long as you make time for it.

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Of course, we know that physical movement is only part of the equation. To really see results, your nutrition needs to align with your goals, plain and simple. Does that mean you have to be perfect all the time? Of course not! We want ALL of you girls to enjoy your summer while ALSO feeling confident and accomplished because you’re making moves to reach your goals.

Anna’s 80/20 mindset is all about allowing you to do both, and the Fit Body app’s Nutrition section has everything you need. Whether you’re just tracking macros to make sure you’re eating a balanced diet, or following the Fit Body Meal Plans to ensure that you’re eating exactly what you need to reach your goals, we’ve got you covered 😉

Did you know that when you don’t eat enough protein, it can begin to break down muscle tissue for energy rather than fat? This is why eating too little protein is the exact opposite of what you should do if you want to see progress. To get the most out of your workouts, the best thing you can do is fuel your body by eating enough calories and enough protein to encourage muscle recovery and efficient fat burn!

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Say it with us: “The scale is not an accurate measurement of my progress or my worth.” We ask that you girls take progress photos and focus on non-scale victories (NSVs) because they are the most accurate (and important) measurements throughout your fitness journey. 

For example, you may think you’ve made no physical progress until you see an 8-week progress photo. You may see your weight go UP and yet still be fitting into smaller pants. Maybe you couldn’t reach your shins in a forward fold when you started and now you’re touching your ankles!

Staying on track and motivated during your fitness journey is easier when you are celebrating yourself and your accomplishments. It takes time and commitment to see real results, the kind you can’t get with a quick, 10-day fix.

We know that it’s not always easy, but we PROMISE that taking Day 1 progress photos will be worth it. So email us your Day 1 photos at and be sure to include your Fit Body insta account handle!


  • How to Take Accountability Photos
  • Find a full length mirror that will fit your body from head to toe
  • Take the picture in natural sunlight with no shadows
  • Wear shorts/underwear/bikini bottoms and a sports bra or bikini top
  • Take one set of photos relaxed and one set flexing
  • Take photos from the front, side, and back each time
  • Take updated photos every 4 weeks in the same outfit and same lighting if possible

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    Speaking of insta – joining the Fit Body community is one of THE best things you can do if you want to see progress! From Instagram to the Facebook Group, we encourage you to connect with other #fbggirls as a way of staying accountable and on track.

    One way to do this is by creating your own insta account dedicated to your Fit Body journey. The Fit Body / FBG Community is a safe and supportive space to share about your fitness journey, get advice, and all the support you could ever need! Simply put FBG or Fit Body in your username or bio. This way, other #fbggirls will know you’re part of the fam and follow you back! And don’t forget to follow @fitbodyapp on insta and use the #fbggirls tag to find other women to follow!


    Did you know that you have a 65% chance of completing a goal if you commit to someone? And that increases to a 95% chance of success if you regularly check in with your buddy about your progress?? Plus, these days, online reals are real life friends!! Several girls have made some of their closest friends in the community!

    So what do you say? Are you ready to spend the summer at Camp Fit Body and take on the #99DaysofSummer Challenge? Send us your Day 1 photos and your insta handle and we’ll meet you at Cabin 1!

    Fit Body 99 Days of Summer Challenge rainbow graphic

    Share this on your FBG insta to let other #fbggirls know you’re in!


    Fit Body’s 99 Days of Summer Challenge: Our How-To Guide


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