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Fit Body Transformations

Fit Body Transformations

We are SO proud of the hard work our community puts into their daily workouts and fitness journey.

As you know, it's a marathon, not a sprint! So to inspire you to keep going, we wanted to spotlight just a few of the amazing transformations from #fbggirls who have put in the work. These women also reveal the discipline, resilience and community support they tapped into to help keep them on track.

It's amazing what you can accomplish when you commit to a healthy lifestyle with thousands of your virtual friends to cheer you on!


Fit Body Fitness Challenge TransformationChani

"Like most people, I started out my fitness journey with a goal weight in mind. But once I hit it, I was faced with finding a new purpose to keep me going long term. Everything changed when I realized that I wasn’t at the gym to reach goals, but to constantly put in work toward these goals. I realized all of the other benefits that FBG gave me – confidence, mental clarity, grit to make change in this world – are what makes my workout an appointment that I just don’t miss. The more you show up for yourself, the more confidence you have to work on being the best version of yourself, not the smallest version of yourself. This is my lifestyle, this is who I am, not a means to an end – because there is no mountaintop. The process is the purpose."


Fit Body Fitness Challenge TransformationGloria

"I used to think I would never get where I’m at today because through the years my moments of motivation were so fleeting. When I started with the Fit Body App in January of this year and heard Anna Victoria talk about dedication over motivation, I really held onto that and made it my mantra. This has helped me stay committed to following through with action leading to me accomplishing my goals so far. Yes, it has been hard work, but the FitBody app, the FBG community and the On Demand classes in particular have been so enjoyable! I’ve been killing it! Not only with my body fitness goals, but my mental health has improved drastically as well! I can’t thank you enough!"



Fit Body Fitness Challenge Transformation


"I’ve been diagnosed with Hashimoto disease in 2013 so I’ve been trying to exercise on a regular basis and eat clean. Cut out carbs. It worked for a while. I was just skinny with no muscle. After a while my body got used to cardio and I started gaining weight. It was very depressing considering that I was running 4 miles per day, 6 days per week. I thought that doing strength training would help me grow muscles only and not lose any fat. I was wrong. I couldn’t be more happy with my results. I started following the program in November but it wasn’t until January that I took it serious. Following this program helped me gain muscle and lose fat. Not to mention that my eating habits have changed (I have carbs ❤️) It’s been a good journey and all I can say is not over! I had ups and downs but the key is to stay consistent! Don’t give up!"


Fit Body Fitness Challenge TransformationGrace

"I believe the most useful advice I could give for a successful fitness journey is to take the deadline off any goal you may have for yourself and simply fall in love with taking care of you — mind, body and soul! If you can find the right workouts that you truly look forward to doing and show up day in and day out to get them done, your goals will be met without you even worrying about them. Of course, there will always be times you are tempted to put these workouts on the back burner, but that’s when you have to rewind and remember you’re doing this for you and your health, not just for a smaller tummy or less cellulite. It’s easier to stay dedicated to the process if you have a strong reason why you must commit.

For instance, I wanted to be smaller for years and years and tried sooo many different workout programs/fad diets, etc. but it wasn’t until I was left with PPD [postpartum depression] after my second-born that I realized something truly needed to change. The Fit Body app was my outlet; my natural and essential way of fighting my anxiety and depression. It was those 30 to 60 minutes out of my day that was literally life-saving for me. It was ME time. I wasn’t there to cater to anyone but myself and that felt so good. I sometimes felt selfish, at first, for leaving my family for that mini chunk of my day but I committed to it because it was for me and my mental health. I realized in order to be a better mom, wife, friend, that I needed to take that time for myself."


Fit Body Fitness Challenge TransformationJenny

"The thing that has worked for me over the years is that I’m super competitive - but I’m only in a competition with myself! I want to beat my progress from last week/month/year, I want to crush my goals that I’ve set for myself, etc. Not anyone else’s — but mine! But I also am realistic — I know that I cannot be 100% committed 100% of the time because that mentality really doesn’t work for me. I need to ‘rest’ sometimes (because let’s face it, ya’ girl is old!), I need to not track my pizza on Friday nights, and when I sit down on the couch after a long day of work and my boys come to sit next to me with a giant bag of Doritos, I’m not going to take out my scale and weigh them — I’m going to enjoy alllll the chips with them!

Because the rest of the time I am doing what I need to do to be better than yesterday. And if I’m not better than yesterday, then tomorrow is another day, because I keep coming back. This is my lifestyle — it’s not a fad or a quick fix. Let’s be honest, in the end we all want the same thing — to feel strong, be healthy, (of course, look good in jeans) and to eat pizza!!"


Fit Body Fitness Challenge TransformationsLauren

"The most useful fitness advice that I feel I could humbly offer is this: you are never too late, too weak, too inconsistent or too far behind to make today count.

One of the hardest parts of this journey has been accepting that it’s a continuous journey and not just a trip from point A to point B. I felt super proud of 'getting back in shape' while using Fit Body after having both of my kids. What I didn’t expect to almost derail me was my body changing in a way that I perceived as 'going backwards' when I gained weight last winter. It was very humbling to realize that just like there isn’t one 'look' for fitness, there isn’t one 'look' for my body being healthy and happy. The journey truly isn’t linear and isn’t just measured by physical results.

When I’m feeling discouraged about my 'physical' appearance, I try and think about everything else I have gained on this journey...having the energy to keep up with my littles, having the strength to enjoy my favorite hobbies, those words I hear at my annual check up, 'great blood pressure, healthy heart rate.' And of course all of the endorphins and feelings of accomplishment that help my mental health."


Fit Body Fitness Challenge TransformationKelsey

"One of the biggest things that made a difference in my fitness journey was the accountability that came with the Fit Body app community. I was so hesitant to make a fitness Instagram, and felt so awkward at first! But I can’t tell you how much of a difference it made. On the days you’re not feeling motivated (and there will be many!) having someone checking in on you is huge! You’re way less likely to skip a workout when you’re seeing other girls crush their workouts daily. It’s also a great place to make friends from all over the world, get healthy recipe ideas and get advice when you need it! It’s a community I feel so lucky to be a part of, and has truly changed my life!"


Fit Body Fitness Challenge TransformationEhimeme

"As a working mom, one of my biggest struggles was a lack of time to do anything for myself. The daily struggles of focusing on everyone else continued until I was able to figure out my ‘why.’ Why do I work out? I figured out that to have the energy I needed to get through my day the secret was to start my day in the gym. Aside from the health benefits, I realized that I can only take care of my kids by taking care of myself first, this has been my biggest motivation. My other source of inspiration has been the FBG community who are able to carry on no matter what (Bad Ass). I appreciate that some days may be harder than others but knowing I'm not alone is certainly reassuring. My current motto is, ‘Life has its ups and downs. We call them squats.’ No matter what my day throws at me I try to start or end my day at the gym."


Fit Body Fitness Challenge Transformation


"I lost about 24 lbs, something I never thought possible. My first time ever lifting weights and I loved it. I even started to track my macros with the app, also another first, which was surprisingly easy to do. I am a real perfectionist so it is really hard for me to stick to a workout program because when I miss one workout I feel like I messed up and just abandon everything. I certainly did not do every workout or ate 100% clean all the time. But the challenge taught me the most important thing is consistency and that you don’t need to be perfect all the time to see results and get closer to your goals."


Fit Body Fitness Challenge Transformation


"I cannot believe 12 weeks has passed already. I’ve gotten better about getting out of my head, and getting the workout done without the million excuses why I shouldn’t. Making time to take care of myself and invest in my future. 

I’m the type to put everyone’s needs (and wants) before my own. When everyone else is fed and completely taken care of, only them do I not feel selfish enough to do things for me. It’s a bad habit that isn’t sustainable and this challenge helped me balance my efforts. 

I’ve lost and kept off 8 lbs and reached the 200 club for hip thrusts! Really proud of my progress and a bit excited to see how much stronger I can get. 300 club perhaps?"



Fit Body Fitness Challenge Transformation


"I first started my Fit Body journey in January 2020 doing the Sculpt program at the gym. However when COVID hit and the gyms closed I switched to the Tone program at home. For cardio I use a spinning bike and a treadmill in my home gym. I love this app and the 30 min workouts because I work 74 hours a week second/third shift and the app gives me the ability to workout where I want when I want. Plus the community and Fit Body staff is amazing! I’ve been able to go from 325 lbs. to 155 lbs. and haven’t looked back."


Fit Body Fitness Challenge Transformation


"After I pick my kids up from school they know that we get snacks then momma is going to work out. They enjoy watching me or playing. I like doing it right when I get home so I don’t have a chance to “get too tired” or something. I am so happy with myself lately at how consistent I have been! I feel good about my health and my body. And I love that my kids know staying healthy is important."


Fit Body Fitness Challenge Transformation


"I am beyond proud of myself for finishing 12 weeks of the Fit Body app Tone program! My mindset has completely changed about the number on the scale. The difference in these two pictures is only 5 pounds! I feel stronger and healthier than I ever thought was possible. My energy is way up and enjoy my new day to day routine!”




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