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Get to Know Alyssa Lombardi

Get to Know Alyssa Lombardi

The Fit Body app is full of amazing trainers coaching you through a variety of workout programs for body and mind. And one of our newest trainers is Alyssa Lombardi, certified personal trainer, running coach, and exercise physiologist.



Her Background

A former collegiate cross-country runner and track athlete, her passion is coaching runners of all experience levels — from complete beginners to seasoned marathoners. Her goal is to help her clients run faster and injury-free.

She credits her love of running first to her parents’ influence: “My mom and dad were both very good runners in high school and college, so I followed in their footsteps,” she says. “I then got to college and realized I loved programming workouts and seeing people develop their confidence in themselves.”


Her Run Strong Program

That led her to build her own coaching business, Run Fit With Me. She brings that hard-earned expertise to her Run Strong Fit Body program

“I have seen so many runners neglect strength training while training for a race and then get injured and not be able to complete their goals,” she explains. “I wanted to make this program short, sweet and to the point so that it was doable enough to complete on top of all the running we do.”

Though her 12-week program was designed with runners in mind, anyone is welcome to try it! There are 3 workouts of 20 to 30 minutes each per week. You’ll not only improve your running performance but also your balance and coordination, as well as help reduce your risk of injury.



Her Fitness and Nutrition Philosophy

When the going gets tough, Alyssa gets going. In fact, her personal workout mantra is “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard!” 

She explains: “It doesn’t matter what god-given talent you have. If you don’t put the effort in, the results won’t come.” So she sets an example for her clients by putting in the hard work day after day.

And when she just doesn't feel like working out on any given day, she adapts.

“Anna always says, ‘Adjust or modify; don't quit.’ So I change my workout that day if what I have planned doesn't suit me that day. I never give myself the option of giving up!”

And when it comes to fueling her workouts — and the rest of her life — her approach is equally flexible.

“I do 80/20,” she says. “Generally, I try to keep my nutrition clean, but I give myself some leeway. For me, if I’m too strict on myself, it becomes a chore. Giving myself some leeway in my nutrition is what works best for me to sustain a healthy lifestyle.”


Her Quick Picks

Now for some fun! We asked Alyssa a series of multiple choice questions to get a quick read on her preferences.



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