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The Fit Body Family Is Growing!

The Fit Body Family Is Growing!

Three years after the app’s initial launch, the Fit Body app is here with the biggest and most game changing update yet! For the first time ever, you can now choose from one of FOUR trainers and EIGHT programs to find the best fitness program for you! From heavy lifting to yoga to postpartum, the Fit Body app is truly changing the game with accessibility, diversity, and complete access to everything you need to reach your goals!


Following the success of Anna Victoria’s Fit Body Guides, the Fit Body app was first released in November of 2017. The app now boasts a 4.9 star rating with over 6,000 reviews worldwide and a suite of features that range from customized meal plans with over 300 recipes to 200 weeks of unique workouts to help every single user in every aspect of their fitness journey.

We’re thrilled to welcome Nicci Robinson, Martina Sergi, and Brittany Lupton to the Fit Body app family. All three women embody the app’s core messages, from self love to dedication to balancing inner and outer strength. This powerhouse team will be adding their programs to the wildly popular SHRED, TONE, and SCULPT programs from Anna Victoria in the Fit Body app.

Fit Body trainer Nicci Robinson

Nicci Robinson’s program, STRONG, is a strength and conditioning program made for women who want to build muscle and change their physique. Click here to learn more about Nicci and Amazon Training!

Fit Body trainer Martina Sergi

Martina Sergi is bringing yoga to the Fit Body app with MOVE. Get ready to stretch and release with this flexibility-focused 12 week program. Learn more about Martina here!

Fit Body trainer Brittany Lupton

Brittany Lupton is offering two programs for you to choose from: LIFT and REVIVE! Lift is a strength program that focuses on fat burn and sculpting your body. Revive is a postpartum program catered to women who want to build their core strength back up and get their body moving again. Click here to learn more about Brittany and her two Fit Body programs!

We are so excited to welcome Nicci, Martina, and Brittany to the Fit Body app and we can’t wait for you to train with each and every one of them. This is the next chapter in the Fit Body world and we’re just getting started!


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