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Why Dedication Is More Important Than Motivation

Why Dedication Is More Important Than Motivation

It’s day one of your fitness journey and you’re feeling excited and motivated. Fast forward a few weeks and… not so much anymore. But that’s just because you’ve lost motivation and need to find more of it, right? Not quite. What you actually need to focus on is dedication.

Let’s pause for a minute and unpack the difference between motivation and dedication. Motivation is the desire to do something. You may be motivated to do a number of things but the problem with motivation is that it’s fleeting. You can be highly motivated to want to do something but that doesn’t always mean you’ll actually take the steps needed to reach that outcome.

Here’s where dedication comes in! While it’s great to feel motivated, we’ve found that the secret to sticking with your health and fitness goals is to commit to small, sustainable steps that will turn into the habits you need to stick with it.

While this may sound good in theory, how do you actually stay dedicated? Here are six practical ways to practice dedication and to stop relying on motivation:

1. Channel Robot Mode

Any FBG girl knows that this is Anna’s favorite saying! Robot Mode is when you set yourself on autopilot — workout, meal prep, etc — and don’t even think about it. Because the more you think about what you’re doing, the more time you have to come up with excuses. Robot Mode takes the emotional decision making out of the equation and replaces it with dedication. Just do it.

2. Set Goals

Progress takes time and it’s important to set small, realistic goals to help you achieve your long-term goals. Write them down and reflect on how you did week over week. This helps you measure your accomplishments over time and can help you better track your progress.

3. Focus on Non-Physical Goals

While it’s exciting to see changes in our body, it's important to think holistically about your journey. Perhaps you’ve noticed you have more energy and are sleeping more soundly throughout the night. Reflecting on mental and emotional progress is just as important as the physical goals you may have.



4. Plan Ahead

You know what they say: if you fail to plan, you plan to fail! Look ahead at what’s coming up during the week and actively plan your meals and schedule your workouts. Be sure to treat these workout appointments with the same importance as you might treat a meeting with your boss.

5. Find an Accountability Buddy

On days that are really tough, having an accountability buddy can make all the difference! Luckily, the FBG community is full of amazing women who can empathize with you and cheer you on when times are tough. Finding others with similar goals can help strengthen your dedication.

6. Focus on What You Can Control

On days where it seems like everything is going wrong, focus on what’s in your control. Didn’t have time for your planned 30-minute workout? That’s ok. Consider doubling up tomorrow. When you focus on the things you have control over, you’ll feel less overwhelmed and more able to fully dedicate yourself to your long-term goals.

There will always be hard days where everything feels like a struggle. But by embracing dedication over motivation, you can stop relying on “feeling” motivated to get yourself moving. You’ve got this!



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