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Brittany Lupton: Here’s What I Eat in a Day

Brittany Lupton: Here’s What I Eat in a Day

From day one, Fit Body trainer Brittany Lupton has always loved to cook. Growing up, her mom provided her — and her siblings — with a healthy and practical outlook on food. Family meals included plenty of veggies, carbohydrates and protein.

In 2018, after having lifted weights for over two years, Brittany felt like she wasn't seeing the definition and results she truly wanted. Despite her healthy habits, she realized she needed to focus more on nutrition so she could see the gains she was training for.

Educating herself on how to eat so she could best support her fitness goals led Brittany to becoming a certified personal trainer and the “Let’s get this lift” fitness pro we know today.

Let’s check out what a day of eating looks like for Brittany:


healthy eating tips

Brittany describes her food philosophy as “single ingredient whole foods.” To start off her day, she’ll have oatmeal with almond milk, natural peanut butter, honey, chia seeds and a banana or some sort of frozen fruit, such as raspberries.

There may be days where she and her son, Vinny, make waffles instead of oatmeal. She will usually follow this sweet meal with some scrambled or fried eggs and sourdough toast with butter — sometimes an hour after her oatmeal, sometimes straight away!

“I kind of have two breakfasts. Especially when I work out!” she revealed. She’ll also include a protein shake two or three times a week.

Breakfast: Oatmeal with almond milk, natural peanut butter, honey, chia seeds, fruit followed by eggs on buttered sourdough toast.

“Lunch is the hardest meal for me!” says Brittany. Lately, she’s focused on making extra food at dinner so she can have leftovers for lunch the next day.

“Sometimes it’s a grilled cheese and tomato soup if I’m low on time. Sometimes it’s peanut butter and jelly! I do snack plates a lot too,” she explains. A typical lunch snack plate may incorporate cheese, tuna, apples, avocado, crackers and yogurt.

Lunch: Grilled cheese and tomato soup or a snack plate with cheese, tuna, apples, avocado, crackers and yogurt.

healthy eating tips

Dinner for Brittany will include a protein which is usually salmon, ground turkey or chicken. But she will change up the flavor profile for variety. For example, one night, the chicken may be in a coconut curry sauce. Another night, it may be cilantro lime chicken.

Her protein will usually be served with rice or potatoes, and some type of vegetable, either steamed or roasted. Her veggie go-tos are broccoli (her absolute favorite!), Brussel sprouts, zucchini and squash.

“We love to roast those (vegetables) with onions and bell peppers!” she says.

Dinner: Cilantro lime chicken with rice and roasted vegetables such as broccoli, onions and bell peppers.

Brittany typically has a snack before dinner but she prefers to have bigger, more filling meals so that she isn’t snacking during the day. When she does opt for a snack, she might have a yogurt, like Oikos, and a green smoothie.

“I’ll be honest,” she says, “sometimes my snacks are cookies! I love to bake. Vinny and I will bake at 3pm, and we’ll have a couple of cookies, cookies and milk, so that’s our snack!”

She also enjoys pretzel thins, apples and cheese with peanuts, cottage cheese with ranch dressing and vegetables, as well as tuna on cucumber slices.

Snack: Oikos yogurt with a green smoothie and the occasional cookies and milk.

healthy eating tips

Dessert depends on the day and, she jokes, that time of the month! If she does feel like having dessert, cereal is the treat she craves. When asked which cereal she likes, she laughs and says “Oof...all of them!” And she isn’t joking! She likes Rice Krispies, Crispix, Frosted Mini Wheats and every once in a while, she’ll get Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Cocoa Puffs. “I could never sit down and eat a chocolate bar.”

Favorite Indulgence
While Brittany loves sushi, she says she can’t commit to one particular food or indulgence (totally understandable). As a foodie, she’s a lover of all foods and is excited to try anything and everything, especially when out at a restaurant with her husband Darian. “I always love to order a dessert. I love everything though!” she grins.

Least Favorite Food
The answer is simple. Candy. “I just don’t like candy. I don’t! The sour ones, sometimes that will be good. But I could never eat a piece of candy and not be upset about it.”

Our Registered Dietitian Analysis
Here’s what Kylie Morse, Fit Body’s Registered Dietitian has to say about a typical day of eating for Brittany:

"Brittany's typical day of eating is the epitome of intuitive eating. She focuses on eating mainly whole, unprocessed or minimally processed foods, but also indulges when she feels like it. Brittany has openly said on her social media channels that she does not track calories or macros and simply makes adjustments to her intake based on her fitness goals.”

Morse continues to say that “it is clear to see that she equally prioritizes the quality of her food as well as variety and taste. Brittany includes a variety of color within all of her meals and includes foods from each food group daily! Because Brittany's fitness goals tend to be focused more on muscle growth and weight maintenance, eating in a caloric deficit is not a priority for her at this time, and she is using nutritious foods to support muscle growth and recovery."

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