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Martina Sergi: Here’s What I Eat in a Day

Martina Sergi: Here’s What I Eat in a Day

You may know Martina Sergi as a yogi extraordinaire from Fit Body’s Move and Rise programs. But this wasn’t always the case. While Martina was writing her thesis during college, she turned to yoga to relieve her stress, with no clue as to the incredible mental and physical benefits that came with it.

After she graduated and completed yoga teacher training, the rest was history. But how exactly does Martina properly fuel her body throughout the day, and her yoga flows, to feel her absolute best?


healthy eating tips

“I tend not to have breakfast. I usually wake up and have a cappuccino with soy milk. It’s very fixed and something I do almost every morning,” she says. She also drinks water throughout the day but her mornings are usually quite simple and don’t contain any heavy meals. If she feels hungry, she'll have a handful of almonds and a banana.

Breakfast: Cappuccino with soy milk.

While every day is different for Martina, she loves making a fresh bowl for lunch incorporating lots of vegetables, grains and some sort of protein.

“I describe myself as a balanced (eater) with a Mediterranean diet,” she says when asked about her general food preferences. When it comes to lunch, “it could be quinoa, rice, it could even be pasta. Then, I may add in beans, eggs, fish, although usually something like chickpeas. And vegetables. LOTS of vegetables!”

While Martina does weigh the amount of grains and proteins used, according to requirements she and her registered dietitian determined, she eats her vegetables intuitively.

When asked about how she likes to cook her food, she admits that she doesn’t like to cook at all. Simple is her jam (we can all relate)! She's a big fan of roasting vegetables with olive oil, salt, pepper and batch cooking them so that she has plenty of leftovers. “I like when the taste of what I’m eating isn’t covered. If I’m cooking eggplant, I want to taste it! And we have amazing produce here (in Italy).”

Lunch: Quinoa bowl with chickpeas, eggs or fish, and lots of roasted vegetables.

healthy eating tips

Martina says her dinner routine is similar to lunch. If there are any vegetables left from her midday meal, she’ll use them. And if she had eggs for lunch, she’ll change up the protein and have chickpeas, for example. A serving of grains will top off the meal.

“That’s a general day, but every day is very different. Maybe one day, I have one big bowl of pasta! But every day, I try to have grains, protein, and vegetables.”

Dinner: Pasta bowl with eggs and lots of vegetables.

healthy eating tips

Martina isn’t a big snacker. If she’s feeling hungry in the afternoon she opts for a salty snack, such as hummus paired with bread or carrots.

Snack: Hummus paired with bread or carrots.

If you’re hoping to split a dessert with Martina, she probably won’t be interested. She's much more of a salty, savory fan. But she did admit that she adores chocolate. Specifically dark chocolate.

Eggplant Parmigiana from the South of Italy! She laughs and says it isn’t healthy at all, and she doesn’t cook it at home, but loves to order it when she is at a restaurant specifically known for the meal. The dish contains layers of fried eggplant, mozzarella, tomato sauce and is topped with parmesan.

healthy eating tips

Blue cheese! While she loves all other cheeses, she says she cannot stand the taste or smell of blue cheese. She recounts how her time living in France was difficult as blue cheese, or other similar soft cheeses, were everywhere!

“When I walked in front of the cheese part (at the food markets), I’d totally run away because it was SO unbearable!”

Our Registered Dietitian Analysis
Let’s take a look at what Kylie Morse, Fit Body’s Registered Dietitian, has to say about Martina’s full day of eating:

“The thing that stands out to me the most about Martina's full day of eating is how individualized her nutrition is to HER and what she enjoys. Martina mentions that she loves her morning routine of just having a cappuccino with soy milk, which is absolutely okay as she is getting in ample, quality nutrition in the remainder of the day,” Morse says.

“She mentions that she does utilize tools, such as food scales, but also incorporates intuitive eating as well to create an approach to nutrition that best works for her. She seems to have a great sense of her hunger and satiety cues, and snacks when she would like, but doesn't force it if she's feeling satisfied.

Because Martina tends to eat vegetarian food choices, her protein intake may be on the lower end of her recommended range some days. However, she is primarily focusing on yoga as her physical exercise, so her protein needs are less than what is recommended for someone who is mainly strength training. Martina is an amazing example of developing a physical activity and nutrition regimen that works for her and that she loves — something we should all be striving for.”


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