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Why Are Progress Photos So Important To Your Success

Why Are Progress Photos So Important To Your Success

Before the start of any fitness journey, there’s one important step you need to take — progress photos! While progress comes in many forms, the best way to document your physical progress over time is with recurring photos. This shifts the emphasis to non-scale victories (NSVs), which focus on how you feel, not on how much you weigh!

Let’s dive into what progress photos are and why they’re so important.


Progress photos are pictures you take of yourself to accurately document any physical changes that may occur during your fitness journey. You’ll take your first set of photos — from a few different angles — at the beginning of your fitness journey, and then repeat this process every four weeks. Each photo session should be taken from the same angle, at the same time of day, while wearing the same outfit. This should give you a reliable, side-by-side comparison so you can more accurately track your physical progress, without a scale.


Fit Body Community Progress Photos


Progress photos force you to be objective about the work you’re doing. We tend to be our own worst critics and it’s all too easy for us to glance in the mirror, and think we haven’t made any progress. And it’s even easier to compare our perceived progress to someone else’s! We see ourselves every day, which makes it really hard to track when changes are actually happening. Progress photos eliminate this subjectivity.  

Knowing that you’ll be consistently documenting your progress while you crush your workouts and stay on track with your nutrition goals can really help you stay accountable to yourself. 

You’ve even more likely to stay on track if you choose to share your progress with others! Of course, sharing your progress photos publicly is scary — it’s a personal choice and one you might be uncomfortable with. But if you do decide to share, research has found that those who publicly share their progress photos and fitness goals tend to see more progress than those who keep them private. And you should know that the girls in the FBG community on Instagram and Facebook will happily celebrate you and help you stay motivated if you do choose to share your progress pics!


Before you take any actual photos, you first need to determine a specific day and time you want to take the photos. Will you take them first thing in the morning on a Monday? Choose whatever day and time works for you, and then stick to it.

  • Find a full-length mirror that fits your body from head to toe.
  • Make sure there isn’t anything in the background and that the lighting is good.
  • Wear a well-fitting sports bra or a bikini top and either some shorts, your underwear or bikini bottoms—try to use the same outfit for every set of progress photos.
  • Take one set of photos relaxed and the other while flexing.
  • Be sure to take photos from three different angles —the front, side, and back.
  • Repeat this process every 4 weeks.
  • Don’t forget that you can store and track your progress photos in the Fit Body app! 

If you’re open to it, we’d love to see your progress pics! We will never share them without your permission. Email us at!




We don’t want to burst your bubble, but results take time and consistency is key. You’ll hear Anna repeat this again and again — most people feel a change in 4 weeks, may notice physical changes after 8 weeks, and develop visible changes around 12 weeks. Anything that promises a quick fix in a short amount of time will set you up to fail. Only through hard work, consistency and implementing gradual changes (that fit your lifestyle) will real change happen.

Bear in mind that Anna’s personal transformation back when she started her fitness journey took nine months! That’s why the Fit Body team recommends committing to a 12-week (or longer!) fitness program or challenge to lay the foundation for long-term change. You need to give your body time to evolve and choose a program that will best support your goals.

When asked about her transformation, Anna said, “Could I have seen progress in less than 9 months? Sure! But I would have been miserable in the process. I wanted to be sure I was prioritizing my well-being and finding what would work for me for the long run. That means no extremes, a balance of strength training and cardio, a healthy caloric deficit, and enjoying my life a la pasta and wine nights. THIS is what it’s about. Living a healthy lifestyle you actually enjoy, while also seeing progress.”

No matter your goals, we’re here to help you achieve them. And enjoy achieving them! Just don’t forget to take your progress photos along the way. 😊

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