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Why You Should Try a 12-Week Fitness Challenge

Why You Should Try a 12-Week Fitness Challenge

Working out regularly is a no-brainer—it gives you energy, improves your mood, and can help prevent health problems. But sometimes, despite our best intentions, we don’t stick to the plan we’ve laid out for ourselves. Maybe life suddenly gets super busy. Or perhaps you just lose that initial burst of motivation. Sound familiar? If so, you may want to consider a fitness challenge.


A fitness challenge is a long-term challenge (think 12 weeks or more) that encourages you to commit to a workout program. If you embark on a challenge that’s more short-term, it’s harder to create real, lasting change and see results.

Workout challenges provide clear goals, a start and end point, and strip away the need to plan. They give you everything you need to be successful!


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So now that you’re all schooled up on what a fitness challenge is, what are the benefits? There are three main benefits of a fitness challenge:


Benefit #1: They provide structure


If you’re new to working out, fitness challenges give you a plan, and help you stick to your routine. There’s so much advice out there and it can be overwhelming! And even if you’re not new to working out, fitness challenges can be a great way to help break you out of a rut.

Benefit #2: They keep you accountable

Let’s be real. We can be our own worst enemies when it comes to hitting our goals. Fitness challenges are a great way to stay accountable—there’s a clear end date and others are in it with you. You’re not alone!

Benefit #3: Receive support and motivation

Whenever we do a challenge with you girls, rest assured you’ll receive support through the entire process. Not only will we check in with you every week, you have a whole community of #fbggirls who’ve got your back! Connect with other like-minded women on both Facebook and Instagram and hashtag your photos and stories with #fbggirls. You’ll be blown away by how supportive and motivating the FBG family is!

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If you’re ready to commit to a fitness challenge and build healthy, sustainable habits, here are our top tips to help you achieve your best results.

Tip #1: Find a partner in (workout) crime!

Not only are the #fbggirls some of the most supportive women out there, they’re more likely to help you succeed. No joke! If you commit to someone, you have a 65% chance of completing your goal. And that number jumps up to a 95% chance of hitting your goal if you regularly check in with a friend!

Tip #2: Don’t skimp on nutrition

Eat in a way that supports your fitness goals. Does this mean you should suddenly shed all the foods you love? No way! There’s no need to do a 180, and Anna’s 80/20 mindset encourages you to be flexible. Use the Fit Body App’s nutrition section to find a meal plan that suits your wants and goals, use it to track your macros, or simply to find recipe inspiration! If you’re feeling unsure, know that you can always email our in-house RD (Registered Dietitian) at – you get free consultations included with your membership!

Tip #3: Take progress photos

Ultimately, the way you look and feel is the most accurate measure of progress, not the number on the scale! As such, it’s so important to take progress photos throughout your fitness journey. At the end of your 12-week fitness challenge, you’ll be glad you did (and so proud too)!

Tip #4: Choose a well-rounded workout program

Challenges that target specific body parts or muscle groups may seem enticing, but it’s important to ensure your fitness challenge enables you to work on all parts of the body. This creates a more holistic challenge, strengthening every part of your body, so you can actually see results and create sustainable and long-lasting change. That’s why any of the programs in the Fit Body App are perfect choices!

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First things first—it’s crucial to be patient and to trust the process. As long as you are consistent with both your workouts and nutrition, most people feel a change in 4 weeks, notice physical progress in 8 weeks, and make progress that others notice in 12 weeks. Overnight progress isn’t realistic. A challenge that you commit to for 12 weeks or longer helps you both see progress and create real, long-lasting change.

And think about this—progress isn’t always linear. Sometimes, the experience of falling off track is a hidden benefit in itself. Life isn’t perfect and fitness challenges can teach you how to get back on track and to practice persistence. A 12-week challenge will lay the foundations for your healthiest, happiest life that teaches you how to properly strengthen and fuel your body, and a mindset that knows that you don’t have to be perfect to see progress.

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Now that you’re in the know on all things fitness challenge, who’s ready?! It’s never too late to join an ongoing challenge. Remember that the Fit Body team and community are there for you and ready to support you 100%!



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